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My Story
Be Careful What you Wish For
A new kind of choose your own adventure book for 8 to 12 year-old girls,
where you are the star!

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The Ides Project

Coming in March 2012

from Roaring Brook Press

An anthology of stories from popular YA authors, all written on the exact day of the great and ferocious Ides of March! Look for Catherine's story, Birds and Dogs of March.

Be Careful What you Wish For
The Fashion Contest
A short story for middle-graders
by Catherine Stine
in Be Careful What You Wish For
edited by Lois Metzger

Available through Scholastic Book Clubs

Question: What could be worse for Joanna, sixth grade soccer star, than having to work on a history project with Candace, the prissiest girl in class?

Answer: Having the project be a fashion contest! At least Jo gets to pick Native American fashions. And there's one more consolation: Candace has no clue how hard it could be to sew a fancy colonial dress!