Re-release DEAL on the Fireseed series, plus NEW sequel novella!

To celebrate the re-release of the bestselling Fireseed series we’ve got all new covers, designed by the talented Najla Qamber. We’ve also got DEALS! Plus a brand new FREE sequel novella called Blue House Magic! Haven’t read the series yet? Fireseed One (book 1) is Varik’s story, set in 2089 in what’s now the Arctic Circle. Ruby’s Fire (book 2) is Ruby’s story, set ten years later in 2099 in the perilous desert of what is now the western USA. The brand new sequel novella, Blue House Magic, continues a few years later with Ruby when she moves to Vegas-by-the-Sea. Yup, that’s right… California has long-since broken off and sunken in the sea and Vegas is now the western sea coast. This series has suspense, romance and many twists you’ll never see coming. Promise!

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Read an excerpt from book 1, the futuristic thriller that kicks off the series:

I squint into the first faint rays of the sun as I snap on my diving suit. Sweet Ice! It’s March in Vostok Station and the three-month polar night is finally over. Just in time, because I can’t stand one more hour of darkness.

Varik, I say to myself, you’ve survived.

Smiling, I picture light licking the late-winter crops of WonderAgar and Flyfish plants, coaxing them back to more fruitful growth.

I walk the short array of planks from my house to the dock of our floating island, and survey my father’s sea farm—the one that was supposed to be our father-son business. I inherited it a mere five weeks ago at eighteen. Suddenly it’s a son-only business that I hardly know what to do with.

The farm takes my breath away, though. Always has. Dotting the ocean in every direction are the angular silhouettes of our Finnish-blue-kelp prairies, agar factories, and twenty-story skyscrapers of Flyfish. A matrix of floating gems. Each greenhouse structure is framed with the anemone pink of new spring morning. I wish I could stare out at this all morning. But I have some nasty business to attend to.

Shuddering, I think about what I have to do—go underwater.

Immerse myself in the terrifying murk.

The last time I went down was to check the stalled engine under Agar Farm 6, I found my father’s body there, his diving suit caught in a clump of invasive vines. The image still makes me gag. I still feel the shock of cradling my father in my arms, and the despair while dragging him up, realizing he’d be gone forever. He was a master diver, so it was hard to imagine the water conquering him. For whatever reason, he’d removed his mitts, and famished viperfish had gouged his hands. Swallowing a lump of bile, I shooed the fish away. They wriggled off a few meters, then paused, observing me, jaws quivering, needle teeth glistening in the beam of my shoulder lamps.

Up above, on the loading dock, I pulled off his helmet. Some of its contacts were loose. Had he tried to remove it? His nose was broken and twisted to one side. His diving helmet was thick but pliable. He was hypertensive, and the possibility that he’d had a heart attack and smashed into a reef made me feel faint. What a horrible way to go, I’d thought. In fact, that’s indeed what the Fleet determined after later examining the body.

Shaking off the memory, I grab a scorcher cable from the tool shed by the dock and attach it to the clamps on the right leg of my suit. I’ll need to burn through weeds to open my father’s secret seed vault hidden on the underbelly of our island because he rarely ventured down there.

But someone else might have, because an hour ago, the computer link to this vault

crashed.  There were many fail-safes to the link, and it’s never before completely shut down.