NEW Shared World, Keepers of Knowledge, with Secrets of the Mermaid

My book in the series. Mermaid power! Read the first chapter here

I’m thrilled to announce The Keepers of Knowledge, a sexy new 10-book shared world urban fantasy series for ’21 that I’m in with nine other authors. We’ll roll out these amazing books from January through May, for your reading pleasure! My novel, Secrets of a Mermaid launches on March 15, but ALL books can be pre-ordered now. Full launch list below. The beauty of the shared world format is that books can be read in any order. 


 All about Secrets of the Mermaid, plus hints about Indigo and Bay’s steamy romance. Pre-order here from Amazon. FREE on KU.

Meet Indigo Rain, a beautiful but lonely mermaid. Regretful of a dark past, she has vowed to remain alone and research ancient merfolk tribes. When she unearths a seabed burial site that even she cannot identify, she shares this with a High Council merfolk historian. But she keeps one shocking secret to herself.

Bay Finley is the flirty, dashing Royal merfolk Keeper assigned to teach Indigo on Pyreshore, a glamoured city of supernaturals tasked with keeping the invaluable knowledge alive. Indigo thinks Bay is a haughty know-it-all. She also thinks he’s dangerously handsome. He’s engaged to Abigail Torrent, a Royal, unlike Indigo. But he’s spending lots of time with Indigo in the lab…

Indigo has three quests:

Uncover the mystery of the burial tablet, resist falling in love, and never, ever reveal her biggest secret, even to the Keepers.

Some secrets heal, some kill. Other secrets change life as we know it.

ALSO, for a jump start, nab this FREE Keepers of Knowledge companion book, introducing each character, including my mermaid, Indigo Rain.

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Meet… the new Keepers of Knowledge…

Hidden within the world we live in are the beings we tell tales about around the campfire, read about in books, watch in movies. They’re the ones we think about as going bump in the night, standing in the shadows as we walk through a dim area or following us down empty streets.

But in reality, they’re the people standing next to in the bank, buying coffee before us at the local cafe and maybe even ringing you up at the grocery store. They’re everywhere – Vampires, Witches, Mimics, Shifters, Fae, Merfolk, Banshees, Gargoyles, Sphinxes and Werewolves. Blending in with society.

However, despite their acclimation into the mundane world, they have factions of their own. A hierarchy within each race that all answers to the High Council of the Supernatural. And this council has recently deemed it necessary to add a member of each race to the Keepers of Knowledge.

The Keepers are supernatural beings charged with the vital task of authenticating and recording every major historical event and artifact that exists within supernatural world around us, and all of the secrets. Here, within these pages, you will get to meet each of the new candidates for these coveted positions.

Arriving in Pyreshore is a first look into this world, the town they live in, what brought about this change and the characters you will come to love.

They who hold the knowledge keep the secrets. After all, every secret needs a Keeper.10 books, 10 authors, 10 keepers, 1 shared world

Full Keepers of Knowledge LAUNCH list with dates and preorder links:

Jan 4 – R.J. Lloyd: Echoes in the Bloodline

Jan 18 – B.K. Rae – The Darkmoon Descendant

Feb 1 – Brandy Nacole – New Moon Rising 

 Feb 15 – S.F. Benson – The Crimson Cure

Mar 1 – Bridgette O’Hare – Silver at Midnight 

Mar 15 – Catherine Stine: Secrets of the Mermaid

Mar 29 – M.R. Polish – Ash and Scale

Apr 12 – Christine Rains – Curse of the Hunted

Apr 26 – Michael J. Rinna – Blood and Stone

May 10 – S.W. Walters – Harbinger of Betrayal