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Free downloadable guide for Fireseed One: Study Guide FO 2019

Free downloadable guide for Ruby’s Fire: Study Guide RF 2019

Free downloadable guide for Refugees: Study Guide REF 2012









My YA futuristic thriller Fireseed series has many relevant themes and discussion topics for middle & high school classrooms. Teachers and librarians do consider these novels for your students!

Fireseed One (book 1) deals with global warming, climate refugees, GM foods, transgenic crops, hybrids, ocean toxins and eco-terrorism.

Ruby’s Fire (book 2) deals with runaways, drug addiction and recovery, hybrid organisms, desert life, negotiating a balance between inner and outer beauty, the healing power of community and uses of creativity in the face of struggle. 


Bonus Questions for Refugees:

1. Why do you think the author chose the title Refugees? Is the American girl really a refugee?

2. In the book, how many different metaphors are there for “refugee?” (Example of a metaphor: A child is a sapling, a brain is a sponge) List the various metaphors and describe why you chose them. Are there any more other significant metaphors, or themes in this book?

3. How is Johar different from his brother, Daq? Why does this cause Johar so much anguish? Why is Daq bitter? Does he hate his brother?

4. Is Louise a bad person? Why do you think it is so hard for her to communicate with Dawn? Why is Dawn so resentful of Louise?

5. In what ways are Dawn and Johar similar? In what ways are they different? Describe Dawn’s struggle. Describe Johar’s struggle. Which parts are internal, and which parts are external?

6. Do Dawn and Johar help each other, or are they just sharing their stories? What makes Johar uniquely qualified to help Dawn? What makes Dawn uniquely qualified to help Johar?

7. In what ways are their creative talents useful to their survival?

8. What is the turning point for Dawn, in her change toward self-confidence? List the first two or three steps. Do the same for Johar.

9. Describe some of the misconceptions Dawn and Johar have about each other’s cultures. Describe some of the moments where that begins to change.

10. What does Johar want for his country, and for himself? Why is he angry with Dawn? What does Dawn want initially? What does she want later?

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