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Book 3 of Catherine’s new supernatural detective series, Sleuths of Shadow Salon launches NOV 18, 2024, but no need to wait. Pre-order it here. See the whole series here.

Cult of the Covens (Sleuths of Shadow Salon Book 3)

 Can the team untangle a feud between covens, both drug lords of mysterious elixirs before a supernatural war explodes?

Celestine is the lead investigator when the team takes on a third case. The elegant and secretive Tavia Floras, known by her coven as the Queen of Savage Flowers creates and manufactures unusual elixirs in her underground caves that promise to heal, even extend life. She claims a rival coven, Argentum Verde, is stealing her formulas, damaging her crops, poisoning the gators and cave dragons whose tendrils and oils are used in the elixirs, and possibly even “disappearing” coven members.

The more Celestine and Luna delve into the queen’s backstory, the more questions they have. Rival coven, Argentum Verde’s non-GMO, purity claims on their compounds seem suss as well. The Shadow Salon team enlists the expertise of a halfling geneticist, Dr. Wise, who also knows his way around the supe dark web, Thorned Fortress. Celestine travels to New Orleans to track down Tavia’s estranged brother Renzo and find out just what happened to turn him against his sister, Tavia.

As Celestine and Luna drill deeper, the case grows incredibly dangerous. A confidential informant turns up dead, dark spells rocket back and forth. Celestine astral-projects to the heavily-guarded Argentum-Verde warehouse, an act that could paralyze her. Shocking twists and revelations explode, rapid-fire. If Celestine and Luna can’t act fast enough, the Queen of Savage Flowers, her coven and business, even Luna and Celestine’s Shadow Salon will perish.

The Sleuths of Shadow Salon PI series is perfect for fans of Kim Harrison, Kim Richardson, Charlaine Harris and paranormal crime procedurals. Expect slow-burn romance, pulse-pounding mystery, dark magic, and complex, unique characters. This series can be read in any order because each book features a new case.

See the whole series here.


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New Box Set Duology: Double Trouble Witchy Bundle – 99 cent SALE for the Halloween Season! First time ever bundled!

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Get into delicious double trouble with USA Today bestselling author, Catherine Stine’s new witchy bundle of two paranormal novels, Witch of the Cards and Witch of the Wild Beasts. These standalones sizzle with magic, romance and page-turning thrills! One is set in 1933 in an eerie beach town, the other in 1854 in the penitentiary!

On Witch of the Cards:

“Excellent read for fans of historical fantasy & occult. I’m a sucker for anything including witches & historical fiction. My cup of tea.” – Romance Bookworm

On Witch of the Wild Beasts:

“Adored every moment; from the imaginative, gothic plot to the compelling characters!” – Chicks, Rogues and Scandals



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