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In or near NYC? DEC 3, 2023 Catherine will have a book table from 1-3 pm at the Grand Bazaar, 77th St. and Columbus Ave. with other NYC Romance writers. Stop by!


Near the Philly area?

Check out the Push to Publish Conference, OCT ’22 event, where Catherine will be on a panel devoted to SFF authors. Details below:

  Sponsored by Philadelphia Stories Magazine

Saturday, October 8, 2022

At Drexel University in the Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building, Phila. PA

Catherine will be a panelist on Strategies for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writers, from 1:15-2:15 pm

For more info click here.

For more of Catherine’s events, click here.


Secrets of the Mermaid is on a bookstagram tour with R & R April 26-30, 2021!

Come join the fun, enter to win great prizes, read the reviews and see the cool flat-lay photos for the book that bookstagrammers created! If you haven’t yet followed me, I’m @kitsy8455 over on IG, and I’m also on TikTok now! The lineup:

Secrets of the Mermaid Bookstagram Tour on Instagram
April 26th
@shannon_rrbooktours (Feature)
@amartinez8877 (Feature)
@phantomofthelibrary1995 (Review)
April 27th
@better_0ff_read (Review)
@ofmoviesandbooks (Review)
April 28th
@bookdragonsnotworms (Review)
@jypsylynn (Review)
@fle_d (Feature)
April 29th
@breakevenbooks (Feature)
@_ebl_inc_ (Review)
@thatsmissquoted (Review)
@brendajeancombs (Feature)
April 30th
@bookishkelly2020 (Feature)
@sophrilreads (Feature)
@_wanderingwonderland_ (Review)
@liliyanashadowlyn (Review)


NEW shared world series, The Keepers of Knowledge, sexy urban fantasy at its best with 10 talented authors. This includes my book, which can be read as a standalone novel, Secrets of the Mermaid available right now! FREE on KU.

Secrets of the Mermaid

 Meet Indigo Rain, a beautiful but lonely mermaid.

Regretful of a dark past, she has vowed to remain alone and research ancient merfolk tribes. When she unearths a seabed burial site that even she cannot identify, she shares this with a High Council merfolk historian. But she keeps one shocking secret to herself.

Bay Finley is the flirty, dashing Royal merfolk Keeper assigned to teach Indigo on Pyreshore, a glamoured city of supernaturals tasked with keeping the invaluable knowledge alive. Indigo thinks Bay is a haughty know-it-all. She also thinks he’s dangerously handsome. He’s engaged to Abigail Torrent, a Royal, unlike Indigo. But he’s spending lots of time with Indigo in the lab…

Indigo has three quests: Uncover the mystery of the burial tablet, resist falling in love, and never, ever reveal her biggest secret, even to the Keepers. Some secrets heal, some kill. Other secrets change life as we know it.

Hot new urban fantasy – like mermaids? Grab your copy.

For ALL the shared world book details, click here.


 Also, a FREE companion book Arriving in Pyreshore, introduces all of these fab supernaturals to get you up to speed.


@liliyanshadowlyn, an opening stop on the tour.

NOV 9 – 13, Alpha’s Revenge bookstagram tour is ON!

Prizes, perks & reviews! Join in the fun. The stops:

November 9th

@the.b00keater (Review)

@liliyanashadowlyn (Review)

@bookdragongirl (Feature)

November 10th

@amartinez8877 (Feature)

@popthebutterfly (Feature)

@devoured_pages (Feature)

November 11th

@brenda.jean.combs (Feature)

@sophrilreads (Feature)

@jodys_ig (Review)

November 12th

@better_0ff_read (Feature)

@brenda.jean.combs (Review)

@dough_nut81 (Review)

November 13th

@melisbookreviews (Feature)

@mistysbookspace (Review)

@corpsebridebansheehorror (Feature)




New Box Set Duology: Double Trouble Witchy Bundle – 99 cent SALE for the Halloween Season! First time ever bundled!

Available at Amazon USA, UK, CA, AUS, Apple, Nook/B&N, Kobo

Get into delicious double trouble with USA Today bestselling author, Catherine Stine’s new witchy bundle of two paranormal novels, Witch of the Cards and Witch of the Wild Beasts. These standalones sizzle with magic, romance and page-turning thrills! One is set in 1933 in an eerie beach town, the other in 1854 in the penitentiary!

On Witch of the Cards:

“Excellent read for fans of historical fantasy & occult. I’m a sucker for anything including witches & historical fiction. My cup of tea.” – Romance Bookworm

On Witch of the Wild Beasts:

“Adored every moment; from the imaginative, gothic plot to the compelling characters!” – Chicks, Rogues and Scandals


New Launch! Alpha’s Revenge 

by Catherine Stine

In the shared World steamy shifter series, Royal Alpha Wolves Club

Get Alpha’s Revenge on Amazon, FREE on KU! 

A heartbroken furious alpha, a forbidden childhood crush revisited.

Will karmic justice destroy them both?

From the languid, sexy heat of New Orleans, all the way to the icy Canadian Wilderness, supernatural creatures live shadow lives amongst mortals. But what if one of the most powerful and regal of beings—wolf shifters—found their packs disappearing through longstanding battles and vicious payback?

The Royal Alpha Wolves Club, a worldwide, ancient organization formed to keep order and secrets safe among werewolf packs is faced with this very dilemma. So, when the club leader gives the dire order for all royals to find a mate and produce an heir within a year it’s in the wolf shifters’ best interest. Wayland, though, is not on board.

Meet Wayland Leblanc—legendary royal alpha, hell-bent on revenge for his murdered mate. When the edict comes down from the leader in his new territory that all royals mate and produce an heir within the year or lose royal status, Wayland hits the road. He’s not ready. Instead, he charges up to Canada in his mini-camper, to wreak revenge on Thorn, the Tundra shifter who killed his mate Sabine and their unborn babe. He conscripts an army of coyote shifters in his revenge plot, and stuffs down his lingering heartache by partying with neighboring witches.

What he doesn’t plan for is falling hard for Stormy, Thorn’s mysterious sister. But pursuing a star-crossed Juliet to his Romeo just might cost Wayland and Stormy their lives.

4 books. 4 authors. 4 alphas. 1 shared world.

Get them all! Read them in any order.

Bella Night – Bound by Blood (Book 1: Dorian’s story)

R.J. Lloyd – Heir to Redemption (Book 2: Alec’s story)

Catherine Stine – Alpha’s Revenge (Book 3: Wayland’s story)

M.R. Polish – Savage Vengeance (Book 4: Tobias’s story)



During this difficult time of covid-19, remember that social distancing does not mean emotional distancing. Connect online, make calls and whatever you can do to not feel isolated. I put together this graphic below as a message of hope that there’s light beyond the present darkness.


New Launch!

*A second prize winner of the 2019 Valley Forge RWA Sheila Contest!*

1-click: Amazon USA, B&N/Nook, Apple, Kobo, Amazon CA, Amazon UK, Amazon AU, Amazon DE, Amazon IN. Or order the paperback at Amazon

When Evalina is imprisoned for witchcraft, will her supernatural bond with animals be her curse or salvation?

In 1854, Evalina Stowe witnesses the murder of her brother by Dr. Dowdrick, an enraged client at the tailor’s where they work. Desperate to stop him, she rouses a swarm of wasps that sting the doctor while she stabs him with scissors, and then flees. At a subsequent job when birds race to her defense, Evalina is declared a witch and sent to Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary.

While imprisoned, Evalina is horrified not only to learn that Dr. Dowdrick is still alive, but he’s experimenting on inmates. Determined to get inside his Eclectic Medical School, to expose his nefarious activities, she’s passionate about protecting fellow prisoners, especially Lewin, a child thief who knew her brother, and Birdy, a kind, resilient Welsh man serving time for a worker’s death while blasting granite for the railroad.

Evalina, her friends and her “wild beasts” work against time to unmask Dowdrick’s crimes when she participates with him in a symposium, showcasing Philadelphia’s premium doctors. If they fail, not only will the doctor’s evil deeds continue unchecked but Evalina and her crew will surely be hung. Actual historical figures such as Dr. Thomas Mutter and Charles Dickens spice up this thriller, brimming with historical gems.

1-click: Amazon USA, B&N/Nook, Apple, Kobo, Amazon CA, Amazon UK, Amazon AU, Amazon DE, Amazon IN. Or order the paperback at Amazon


Book Lovers Con was postponed due to the covid-19 shelter-in-place we’re enduring to keep people safe. Wishing everyone good health and patience.

Catherine will be at Book Lover’s Con in Nashville, March 18-21 with her new book, and she hosts two fun game events/ Get all the details, including registration links on the events page.


An urban fantasy inspired by the Oscar Wilde classic. First-ever female lead! Relaunch out. Get it here: Amazon USA, UK, CA, AUS, Kobo, Apple, B&N Nook

Internet followers, beauty, power. It all sounded good.

Until it transformed into a terrifying reality she couldn’t stop.

When her father is jailed, her mother ships lonely, plain Dorianna to her aunt’s in Brooklyn, NY. There, Dorianna yearns to build a new identity, but the popular Lacey bullies her—mostly for getting attention from her ex, Ander.

Ander takes Dorianna to Coney Island where Wilson, a videographer, creates a stunning compilation of her. She dreams of being an online sensation, as she’s never even had a birthday party, and vows she’d give anything to go viral. Wilson claims he’s the Prince of Darkness and offers her the beauty and fame, even love she’s dreamed of—warning her that a pledge has its downsides.

Dorianna has no idea of how dire those consequences might be. She’s thrust into the spotlight, and an incomprehensible nightmare. Not only is she prettier, she’s gaining harmful powers of manipulation. When her dark forces grow beyond anything she can control, she’s desperate but clueless as to how to stop them.

People are saying: 

“So intense! Incredible story with epic climax. Darkly enchanting” – Page Unbound

“Amazing modern remake of Dorian Gray!” – Bookworm Babblings

“Vividly written. The characters stepped out of a creepy version of “Gossip Girl.” – reader review

5 stars “Devilish and enchanting” – reader review

“Pictures of Dorianna is the creepiest thing I’ve read in a long time. I mean that in the best way!” – reader review

5 stars “Careful! By the time you remember what real love and friendship are, you may have already lost them for all time.” – reader review


A February 2019 Event in Arizona

On Sunday, Feb 24 from noon to 3 pm, I’ll be signing books at Diamonds in the Desert. If you’re in or near Tempe, Arizona stop on by!!! These fabulous authors are also signing. It’ll be big fun, and tickets are FREE! Register here.
For more events and details head to my events page here.



What’s Doing Fall 2018

First of all, The Elements of Untethered Realms anthology series is complete and now in one beautiful boxed set with forty tales from fourteen authors.  I have four stories in it: The Day of the Flying Dogs (Earths); A Strange Penitence (Air); Rollerskate Boys (Fire); and Maizy of Bellagio (Water).

You can 1-click this set for only $2.99 at these sites:

Amazon, Kobo, Apple, B&N/Nook, Google Play

The separate anthologies are also still available: Twisted EarthsMayhem in the AirGhosts of Fire and Spirits in the Water. See them here.

On other fronts, I recently attended Romance Author Mastermind, where I learned TONS about branding, marketing and promo. I took a step back last year to simply write, and now I am going to take all I’ve been learning to recover, rebrand, and basically step up my game! Lookout people! For starters, I am in the process of recovering the Fireseed series. Stay tuned.


More news: On Friday, November 16 come see me at NCTE in Houston!

I am attending NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English), where I am leading a roundtable on Teaching Climate Change in High School within the broader event called High School Matters. My Fireseed series deals with these pressing issues, such as rising ocean temps, climate refugees, eco terrorism, and future farming. For more details about the event head to my events page.


Summer Book Fest Appearance!

I will be signing books at Once Upon a Book this August 10 & 11 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Check out this super-fun event here or go to my events page.


Spring 2018

Finally, warm weather and flowers!

I am settled into my writing den, working hard on the newest witch novel, Witch of the Wild Beasts. It is set in Philadelphia in 1854, and brimming with the type of details you don’t hear about when you speak of old Philadelphia. LOL. Crime, gritty prison life, gangs running rampant and lingering superstition about witchery. Yes, even in the sophisticated, civil society of Ben Franklin’s “City of Brotherly Love” there was seriously shady business going on! If you want to find me, head over to Facebook, Instagram, or just send me an email.


Fall 2017 News

Spirits in the Water, the 4th in the Elements series from masters of fantasy & science fiction is out! Get all of the details here, including my story in this anthology, Maizy of Bellagio.


Come visit me in Booth 322 at NCTE in Saint Louis, NOV 16-19

For all details click here.



Chapter Con UK’s inaugural event was a big success and the founder, Katie M John will run it again in 2019! I’ll be there. How about you? I was honored to be asked to give this year’s keynote speech.

With the inspiring Janet Wallace

Love my new readers!

NCWR’s Wine and Sign author signing on the Delancey Rooftop Garden in NYC was also super-fun. Here’s a photo of me with the organizer, Janet Wallace. Oh, and I loved meeting my new readers from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Thanks to all who helped make this a stellar event.

See me in Saint Louis in November and in Frankenmuth, MI in August! Event details here.

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