Heading to BEA & more Exciting News!

“A heart-pounding tale of deception and danger set in a futuristic world teetering perilously between metamorphosis and destruction.”  -Ciara Knight, author of Weighted & Escapement

And for those in the Philly/Jersey/Delaware area who want to attend an amazing writing retreat, I’ll be teaching a concentration of writing YA and NA at the Rosemont, PA writing retreat from June 22-27. Still time to sign up! The deets here!

I even have a little more news! Yup, after a long, cold winter it’s a newsy spring. But I’ll save that for my next post.
What are you up to this May and June?

2 thoughts on “Heading to BEA & more Exciting News!

  1. You’re saving it for your next post? Gah! I want to hear the news NOW! I wish I could take your NA/YA class. YA is under my belt, but I’m a little confused about NA, especially when I don’t write anything erotic, which some people seem to think is the selling point of NA = it’s YA with sex. I see NA more as YA with half the histrionics and interminable inner thinking/whining; more outer focused and less inner. 😉

  2. Lexa, lots of people are a bit confused about new adult fiction. It’s for 18 to 26 year-olds, but many adults read it too! It is NOT erotica by any means, and there is a huge variation of “heat” levels. It focuses on the twenty-something years when people are going to grad school and college, or landing their first big full-time jobs, first great (or crappy) apartments, first adult love. Thus, it is not YA–different concerns and more about finding oneself in the world. Sure, it’d be fun to have you in the class! Only we’re across continents from each other right now. 🙂

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