Sometimes writing & selling take a back seat to a SUPER-REAL, Cosmic life event

My mom with my sister (on right) and me (on left)

I’m going to write about a personal matter, which I normally don’t do. But I feel led to, so be it. My mom passed away on July 28. My husband and I were there, holding her hand and talking to her. My brother was there as well. It was a rough but intensely profound experience. Beautiful, really. This was after we had been with her off and on for two days prior.

But death comes at inconvenient times. We are all such busy people, aren’t we? I was in the middle of a huge NYC RWA book con, and I was about to do a book signing with 450+ authors.

It was a no-brainer. I bailed, and dashed down to Philly where she was. Life can be long – she was 87 – and still we fight for it with our life force as it wanes.

The experience of seeing someone I love die in front of my eyes made it so very clear that time is precious and one must work now to make dreams real, and write those stories that matter dearly.

I’ve had amazing dreams for these last two weeks – colorful, adventurous, rather psychedelic. Life comes bounding back. And back, And back. And joy reigns.

What kind of real life moments have you had that trump everything else?

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